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Celebrate with Gorgeous Vodka


From our passionate pursuit of the world's finest vodka, we proudly present Gorgeous Vodka. This Gluten Free product is distilled from genuine Idaho potatoes and mineral rich water; drawn near the base of the Grand Teton Mountain. It is naturally filtered through granite moraines formed by ancient ice glaciers.


Gorgeous Vodka has been distilled twenty times and filtered six times through charcoal with a garnet finish. It is crisp, clean, genuinely unique premium vodka.


Our vodka has been rated 93 points, and has won five international medals three years in a row. 

40% ALC/VOL (80 Proof)

Gorgeous Vodka Bottle image


Gluten-Free Potato Vodka

Our potato vodka is made from the finest ingredients, distilled to perfection for a smooth and pure taste. Celebrate life's gorgeous moments with every sip. 

Potatos for our Gorgeous Vodka
Gorgeous vodka Moscow mule

Mix It Up With

Gorgeous Vodka Cocktails

Impress your guests at your next event with our signature Gorgeous Vodka cocktails. Our gluten-free potato vodka is the perfect base for a variety of drinks. 

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