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This Is Us...

Founders Bryan And Marcia Mussard

Gorgeous Vodka arose from a magical moment of inspiration. While Marcia was away on A Gorilla Trek in Uganda, her husband Bryan spent a sleepless night immersed in their love letters from a decade prior. This deeply touching experience sparked the idea for Gorgeous Vodka. Their brand's mission is to encourage everyone to cherish and commemorate their life stories and most beautiful moments. Cheers to celebrating life's gorgeous moments with Gorgeous Vodka.

Bryan and Marcia are cattle ranchers from Dillon, Montana. Bryan, who has suffered from Celiac Disease his whole life and lives a gluten-free lifestyle, saw the need for a high-quality gluten-free spirit. The old west is in their blood, They ranch in high mountain valleys of historic south western Montana. The name of their ranch captures their passion of preserving the west, Reminisce Angus Ranch.  They have been blessed to live in one of the most Gorgeous places on earth and get to do what they are inspired by; taking care of precious grass and water, which in turn, takes care of them and their cattle.  They are committed to preserving it for themselves, their children and generations to come. Gorgeous Vodka is the spontaneous inspiration of that commitment.  When you buy Gorgeous Vodka; you truly are Preserving The West.


"I was inspired to do something great, there is no other vodka on the market like Gorgeous Vodka"
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